Protecting Your Identity

Enjoy 12 months of Identity Theft Repair Service, Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring, and Fraud Alerts backed by $1 million Identity Theft Insurance

when you close your real estate transaction with CalAtlantic Title.

PROTECT your transaction with CalAtlantic Title’s dependable service and smooth closings
PROTECT your homeownership rights with our title insurance policies
PROTECT your future with the AllClear Proactive Benefit Program
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AllClear ID
CalAtlantic Title has teamed up with AllClear ID
to provide you with an additional layer of identity protection:

12 months of Identity Theft Repair Service, Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring, and Fraud Alerts, backed by $1 million Identity Theft Insurance with the AllClear Proactive Benefit Program – at no cost to you.

AllClear Identity Repair

This service is automatically available to customers who close with CalAtlantic Title with no enrollment required. If a problem arises, simply call 855.259.6411 and a dedicated investigator will help recover financial losses, restore your credit and make sure your identity is returned to its proper condition.

AllClear Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring and Fraud Alerts

This service offers additional layers of protection including fraud alerts, credit monitoring and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. To use this service, the customer must sign up online at enroll.allclearid.com or call 855.259.6411. Additional steps may be required by you in order to activate your phone alerts and monitoring options. The AllClear Proactive Benefit Program is only available to individual customers of CalAtlantic Title who are 18 years of age or older and are citizens or legal residents of the United States with a valid U.S. Social Security number.

1. How does the Identity Theft Repair program work?

Close your transaction with CalAtlantic Title
You will receive an AllClear ID card and a confirmation email offering you identity theft repair service for 12 months after you complete your transaction – at no cost to you. Any extensions or modifications to the service will be at your option and expense.
If your identity is stolen, AllClear ID will help you repair it
AllClear ID will help you do the work to restore your credit report and get back the money you have lost.
Protection goes where you go
No matter where the fraud occurs, the AllClear ID team is ready and standing by to assist you in restoring your identity to its accurate state.

2.How do I use the service if my identity gets stolen?

  1. If your identity is stolen, call AllClear ID’s award-winning customer support team at 855.259.6411.
  2. Simply provide the confirmation card or letter given to you at closing by CalAtlantic Title as proof of service
  3. One of AllClear ID’s trained, award-winning investigators will go to work for you. They won’t stop until your case is investigated, your identity is repaired, and everything is back to normal.

3.What does AllClear ID do?

AllClear ID’s experts will quickly go to work to:

  • Complete all necessary documents to initiate the dispute process.
  • Initiate disputes on your behalf with creditors, credit bureaus and other affected entities.
  • Act as your expert and advocate when navigating the complicated process of identity repair.
  • Ensure your financial information is returned to its pre-fraud state.

4.What actions will my investigator take?

  • Contacts creditor(s) with you to initiate dispute and gather details.*
  • Requests a letter from creditors stating that you will not be liable for the fraudulent accounts once the financial institution’s investigation is concluded. Note: If you have already called the creditor(s), the investigator will request details and ensure proper steps were taken to initiate a dispute.
  • Assists in initiating disputes for any additional fraud detected.*
  • Completes FTC affidavit and provides it to you to file a police report if desired.
  • Assists in setting up proactive protections to help prevent future attacks, such as fraud alerts and other services.
  • Throughout the case, your investigator follows up with you to update the case status, continues calling the creditor(s) as needed, until it can be confirmed you have been cleared of liability for any identity theft.